Testimonials and Frequently Asked Questions
      We are proud to share these testimonials from our customers.

"Dr. Terry's Pies heartily endorses this wonderful product and is enjoying both kinds every day!" – Terry, Dr. Terry's Pies, Washington
"Just had my first cup of Tickettyboo this morning and I now know why my husband was hiding the bag behind the pickled asparagus in the pantry!! SOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD!" 
– Molly, Utah
"I'm not generally a peppermint fan, but that too was SOOOOOO yummy!!!!" – Y.F., Utah
"My kids come in after a cold afternoon of sledding begging for Tickettyboo by name.  'Mom, I need some Tickettyboo!!'  They used to sled for hours and hours and now they sled for 15 minutes and come back inside insisting they need to warm back up with Tickettyboo before they can go back outside.  They don't even use the words 'hot chocolate' anymore.  And, who am I kidding, while they are outside sledding I'm enjoying a mug myself ;)" 
– M.R., Utah
"It is delicious, and I cannot wait to order more!"    – Alyssa, Arizona
"I was given my first bag of Tickettyboo Hot Chocolate from a fellow teacher at my school.  The second I got home, I made a cup and fell head over heels in love!  This smooth sensation is addicting!  I have since ordered more for myself and my sister-in-law, a fellow hot chocolate enthusiast.  Since drinking Tickettyboo, I am almost sad to see summer come, but I'm sure it won't stop me from having a few mugs now and then!  Thanks for an amazing product!"  
– McKenzie, Utah
"Since I've had Tickettyboo, I can't serve any other hot chocolate!"  -Jessica, Washington

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a family company?

YES! Tickettyboo Hot Chocolate is our "Doing Business As" name. Our parent company name is Meneghini LLC. Meneghini is our maiden name. When your Tickettyboo Hot Chocolate arrives it has been through many a Meneghini hand! We hand mix every batch of hot chocolate. Measure every package out individually. Apply the stickers to the bags ourselves and put them away in their storage boxes with care. Transportation, delivery and shipping are also carefully handled by a member of the Meneghini family. When you arrive at a booth selling Tickettyboo Hot Chocolate by the cup, there is more than likely at least 1 Meneghini there if not ALL! Tickettyboo Hot Chocolate is our family recipe and we take great pride in our handmade product.

How long will it take my order to arrive?

Once you place your, order we take no more than 3 business days to get your order shipped. Truth be told, a lot of orders go out the same business day. We live in a small town where the Post Office is never too busy and very happy to see us come in with our shipments. We use USPS Priority mail for all our shipping needs. Once it reaches the Post Office it should be in your hands in 1-3 days depending on which part of the United States you live in! The United States Postal Service hasn't let us down yet!
What is the nutritional information of Tickettyboo Hot Chocolate?

Tickettyboo Hot Chocolate - ORIGINAL FLAVOR

Ingredients:  Powdered Milk (sweet whey, creamer [coconut oil, corn syrup solids, sodium caseinate, dipotassium phosphate(water soluble salt), sugar, mono & diglycerides, polysorbate 80, sodium silicoaluminate, tetrasodium pyrophosphate, soy lecithin], non fat milk, guar gum, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Chocolate Powder (sugar, cocoa processed with alkali, carrageenan, spice, Vitamins and Minerals, calcium carbonate, ascorbic acid), zinc oxide, pyridoxine hydrochloride(Vitamin B6), copper gluconate(mineral supplement), manganese sulfate, biotin),sugar, artificial and natural flavors, annatto color, Salt.  

Contains: Milk and Soy. Made on equipment that also processes wheat.