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Camp Korey & tickettyboo HC

Raising a Mug of Holiday Cheer! Support Camp Korey with the purchase a Tickettyboo Hot Chocolate “Camp & Cocoa” holiday bundle and a second bundle will be sent to Camp Korey camper.

In a year where we all have been impacted, we look fondly upon the holiday season to recenter us and fill our hearts with love, appreciation, joy, and compassion. After all, it is the giving season and giving just feels good!

That is why our friends at Tickettyboo Hot Chocolate are partnering with Camp Korey this holiday season to giveback and celebrate community. Tickettyboo Hot Chocolate is a small business in the Pacific Northwest with a big heart that delivers even bigger smiles! Three sisters started this delicious hot chocolate company with a vision of gathering with friends and family over a mug of cocoa. However, the story of Camp Korey and Tickettyboo Hot Chocolate starts in the classroom with three friends: Katelyn, Lucy, and Eddie.

Katelyn’s mom works for Camp Korey. Lucy’s mom owns Tickettyboo Hot Chocolate. And, Eddie is an inspirational Camp Korey camper! These three classmates and friends are the very definition of community coming together.

Katelyn, Lucy and Eddie have known each other since kindergarten. At age three, Eddie was diagnosed with restrictive cardiomyopathy caused by a rare genetic mutation that would eventually lead to heart failure. While his fellow classmates may have known that Eddie had a new heart, they did not see his condition, they just saw Eddie. “Eddie is just Eddie. He is nice and smart. I remember when he brought a teddy bear that went to the hospital with him for show and tell when he was younger and he said he got to smell root beer before his procedures,” says Katelyn, age 11. “It’s really cool that he gets to go Camp Korey. I wish more kids like Eddie got to go!”

"The sense of community created by Camp Korey is admirable and inspiring to so many. We are proud and honored to support Camp Korey in their mission and hope that by giving a small part of ourselves to Camp Korey we can share some delicious cheer to all those involved." - Pam Svedberg, Janeen Hansen and Vickie Skinner, Owners of Tickettyboo Hot Chocolate

This holiday season fill your holiday mug with cheer and share a mug with a Camp Korey camper, like Eddie! Thru December 19th for every purchase of a Camp & Cocoa care bundle, one will head to a camper this winter season. Purchase your Camp & Cocoa bundle here. Cocoa has never tasted so sweet!

In the words of Tickettyboo, when community comes together and giving happens that is when everything is going smoothly, everything is as it should be, everything is just Tickettyboo.

Together We Can make this holiday season one to remember for Camp Korey campers and their families! Thank you for your support of Camp Korey and community small business!

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